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Our Promise to You: We will help you overcome your particular investing obstacle through education, starting small, using a simple approach, and encouraging you along the way.

How? We teach workshops and offer ongoing coaching about stock market investing to add to what you already know.

Why? Our vision is a world where everyone understands and enjoys stock investing.

Meet the Value Investing Valets at Your Service:

Morse Headshot.jpg

Doug Morse, MBA, MA

Value Investing Teacher/Coach

Doug's Story:

Secret fun fact: My childhood family nickname was "Team Spirit".


I have always enjoyed learning new topics and then working with others around a common cause. From an early age, developing myself and supporting my team -- in any capacity -- is what makes me come alive. 

My interest in stock investing started at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa years ago when a business professor and master investor took extra time to mentor and guide me. Stock investing has fascinated me through every season of my life since then. 


My career journey has included years as a hospital executive and a full-time college business instructor.  Along the way I was a very active stock investor evenings and weekends.

My greatest energy as both a hospital CEO and full-time college faculty member came when I could learn something myself, and then work with others.


The main thing for me today is the chance to open doors for others just as doors were opened for me.


Over a decade ago I began to learn about "value investing".  This style of stock-picking fits my personality well because I like to buy things on sale and I can spend as much or as little time as I want.


Today I actively manage our personal accounts on a full-time basis - yet the real joy and energy comes from teaching and interacting with others who want to learn.


Taking a page from “The Actor’s Studio”, here are Doug's answers to The Lipton Questions:

Favorite word: Yes

Least favorite word: Can't

What turns you on? Pursuing fresh new ideas.

What turns you off? Naysayers.

What sound do you love? A baby laughing.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt: 80's hair band rock star.

Let's walk the investing journey together!

Schumaker Headshot.jpg

Terry Schumaker, MBA

Value Investing Valet Teacher/Coach

Terry's Story:

“If I weren’t doing this, I would still be doing this”


In my previous career in community and economic development, I had the chance to recruit a large company to a small rural Iowa town.  The company was from the Czech Republic.  How would we ever compete to be considered by this multi-national firm? 


Like everything, the key is to meet the customer needs. Serve people as they need to be served.

We landed the company, and it was a rewarding thrill I remember to this day. Good for individuals, and good for the overall community. 

I have always been involved in personal development and community building. I have a strong pay it forward mentality----and I get charged and enthusiastic about building people.  It’s like when you tell someone about a great movie or a book or a place to visit----and then they do it and say “I loved it”.  You feel good because you told them about it.

I left my previous role because I had done it a long time and I was ready for something new.

Today I am still building myself, and doing my best to build other people and my community.

I enjoy value investing because I learn new things all the time.  I get to do it with friends, I can spend as much or as little time as I want, and it produces income. 

It’s fun.  Plain and simple.


Value investing fits my personality because I am a value shopper----I always try to save a few bucks and look for a good deal.  With this style of investing, you can be on or off the radar as much as you want because you can do it from anywhere. (I travel extensively and love that I can invest remotely).

I want to build myself and other people so they can participate in whatever level they want to have the same experience. It’s exciting to want to get more people to experience the same thing.

Taking a page from “The Actor’s Studio”, here are Terry’s answers to The Lipton Questions:

Favorite word: Joy

Least favorite word: Anguish

What turns you on? Experiences.

What turns you off? Cold weather.

What sound do you love? Music.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt: Run a café somewhere as a gathering place for people. 

I look forward to working with you!

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