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Why Choose the
Value Investing Valets?

Terry explains what we do
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What makes us different from the others?

We don't teach you to fear the stock market - we teach and coach you to embrace and enjoy investing.



We know money has two sides: technical and emotional.


We teach understandable methods, and we listen and support to coach through the personal aspects of money management.


We have the hearts of teachers with the skills and practice of successful value investors.

"You both have a talent for distilling complex investment strategies into a format that was easy to understand. I admire your passion!"

Workshop Attendee

Here are the Top 6 Reasons you should choose us as your valet coaches:

1. We make investing  fun, entertaining -- and doable.

Many of us have been taught that stock investing is risky, the math is hard, and picking our own stocks is a path to the poorhouse.  

We are living proof that successful investing activities can be learned. We know this needs to be interesting and fun -- so we customize our coaching approach to start wherever you are in your personal investing journey.

2. We teach conservative methods - nothing wild and crazy.

We teach a method where we identify high quality companies with a track  record of long-term business success.  We use a simple approach to value shares of those quality companies.


Knowing what a share is "worth" helps us know how that value compares to the stock price.  If the stock price is well below the value, we are interested.  If the stock price is far above value, no thanks.


In other words, we buy quality merchandise "on-sale".  We take our time and move intentionally.  No high-flying hot stock tips for us.  

3. We help you take those first important steps.

Half the battle is knowing where to start, and knowing that you are not alone.

That's where your Valets come in -- we coach your steps in the journey.  We know, because we have been there ourselves.

4. We aren't selling any financial products.

We are not financial advisors, and we provide no advice to you. And we aren't selling any financial products.

Instead, we are teacher/coaches. We personally use these same investing methods ourselves every day, and we have practiced these techniques for many years in different market conditions. 


We are one of the few sources that will directly interact with you, listen to you and offer helpful teaching so that you can apply what you have learned in a cost-effective, low stress environment.

What's not to like?!

5. We help you overcome your fear and emotions.

We get it. We manage our own money, too.  So we know your concerns.  That's why we teach small steps and focus on the joy of investing at your own pace. You do as much or as little as you want at your own pace.

6. 55 years of investing experience between us

Doug offers 30 years of stock investing experience during a 30 year career as a hospital executive and college business faculty member.  He was recognized with a Community College Faculty "Excellence in Education" award in 2013 and 2017; and the Iowa "Young Hospital Executive Achievement" award in 2005.  

His first stock investment was in 1988 -- and he hasn't stopped since then. 

Terry offers 25 years of stock investing expertise over a 25 year career as a workforce and economic development professional. A long-time volunteer community builder and advocate, Terry is a travel enthusiast and describes himself as an emerging minimalist.

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